Monday, June 1, 2015

A few weeks ago, we reported that Casey Anthony had resurfaced after years of hiding from the public eye. Now, she’s back again, and this time she might be ready to tell her whole story.

Anthony was spotted landing in New York City Thursday night with a PR rep who once tried to negotiate her with a television interview back in 2011, when she was acquitted of the murder of her two year-old daughter Caylee. That deal fell through, but now rumors are swirling that Anthony is about to be paid top dollar by a major network to tell her story.

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Anthony was photographed at the airport on Thursday wearing thick-rimmed black glasses and blue jeans. Though she told a reporter that she wasn’t Casey Anthony, this was clearly yet another lie from the suspected murderess.

No network has admitted to making deal with Anthony, who would certainly have the motivation to approach them. After she was acquitted of the murder of her daughter, Anthony was expected to make millions in book and movie deals. Unfortunately for her, she became such a social pariah that none of these deals ever materialized, and she filed for bankruptcy in 2013. She claimed that she was in more than $792,000 in debt and that she only had $1,000 in assets to her name.

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Most Americans still believe that Anthony killed her young daughter. Perhaps she will finally admit to this in this “bombshell” interview if it means that she will finally be out of debt.

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