Friday, June 12, 2015

The House of Representatives has dealt a major blow to Obama’s precious trade agenda that has left it’s future in doubt.

On Friday, a bipartisan majority rejected a jobs retraining program which was part of a Senate-approved trade program that was being pursued by Obama. Despite Obama’s last minute visit to the Capitol to beg Democrats to support him, the program failed by a vote of 302-126.

According to The Blaze, Obama is hoping to “fast track” authority to negotiate trade agreements. Most Republicans support this, but they do not support the retraining program. Democrats, meanwhile, love the retraining program but oppose the fast track.

GOP leaders warned that if if the retraining program died, the entire trade package would fail. On Friday, these leaders were scrambling for possible alternatives.

This is just the latest in a series of bad news Obama has been receiving from the government lately. Earlier this week, a federal court of appeals ruled against another Obama agenda when they ruled that faith-based organizations would not need to buy contraceptives for their employees with their health insurance until the Supreme Court makes their ruling on this case.

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