Thursday, June 25, 2015

Iowa State Trooper Tracy Bohlen was pulling up behind a stalled-out truck when it suddenly took off. When the truck made a second abrupt stop, Bohlen cautiously walked up to it with his hand on his gun.

When he opened the door of the truck, he came upon a sight that he was never expecting.

“He’s having a heart attack!” the frantic teenage boy inside screamed.

Thinking fast, the officer pulled the boy’s father, Patrick, out of the car and began performing CPR.

“I put him onto the middle of the interstate… it wasn’t on the shoulder, it was the middle of the interstate,” Bohlen recounted.

After nearly a minute of CPR, Bohlen finally felt a pulse. By then, other drivers had stopped to help, including nurse Jane McCurdy, who can be seen escorting Patrick’s son to her car.

“I said I never went into nursing to make a million, I just meant to make a difference and I was just blessed to be able to do that,” she later said.

McCurdy took the boy to the hospital and waited there with his family all day. She even helped them to get settled at a local hotel for the night. Patrick is still awaiting test results, but today he is alive and on the road to recovery.

Videos like this show that there is still good in this world, and that people are still willing to stop and help each other.

“For someone just to take their whole day for a stranger, I mean that’s just who we are,” Bohlen concluded. “That’s Iowa.”

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