Monday, June 29, 2015

Malik Abongo “Roy” Obama, the half-brother of Barack Obama, recently sold an old letter from the future president that exposes the real reasons he got into politics.

In the letter, which was written in 1995, Barack tells his brother the reason he got into politics, and it has nothing to do with the American people.

“Some colleagues of mine here have talked me into running for the Illinois State Senate (like being an MP for a province),” Barack wrote to his brother 20 years ago, according to Conservative Tribune. “I have agreed, since I have an interest in politics to deal with some serious ­issues blacks face here.”

This letter proves that Barack Obama never intended to help the American people as a while. Instead, his goals were always to be a shameless race-baiter as soon as he got any power.

In the letter, Barack goes on to talk about his distaste for meetings, which hasn’t changed at all in the last two decades.

“Of course, it involves a lot of campaigning, going to meetings and so on, which I don’t find so attractive,” he wrote. “Anyway, if I win it will only be a part-time post, and I will ­continue my work as a lawyer.”

The letter explains a lot about what has happened during Obama’s disastrous terms as president. He never even wanted to fix racial tensions in this country, instead, he wants to use them to divide our country and destroy the United States.

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