Monday, June 29, 2015

Over the weekend, prison escapee David Sweat was finally captured after a 23 day manhunt.

The convicted murderer had escaped from prison weeks ago with fellow inmate Richard Matt, who was shot dead on Friday. Sweat was captured near the Canadian border, and it has now been revealed that the legendary Dog the Bounty Hunter was on hand to help with the search.

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Dog has come forward with his own account of how Sweat was caught, and what he has to say is fascinating. While the police account says that Sweat was on foot before he was caught, Dog says that he was spotted riding a bike by a group of teens at a graduation party.

Unfortunately for him, Dog passed on the rumor so he was not there when Sweat was actually taken down. However, if what he had to say is true, it means that those teens are likely $50,000 richer.

“So Sweat’s captured… this is all allegedly: two kids at a graduation party had seen a guy riding a bicycle…” said Dog, according to Daily Mail. “And I hope this is a true story because those two kids now have a bank account. And they reported it, and the cops were in the area…”

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had put out a $100,000 reward when the search began, $50,000 for each inmate. If what Dog had to say is true, those teens have found themselves some serious cash!

We should have known Dog the Bounty Hunter would have flown out to catch these murderous crooks. Thank God we don’t need to worry about them being out on the streets any longer!

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