Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Throughout her time as First Lady, Michelle Obama has become infamous for spending millions of American tax dollars on her own lavish lifestyle.

Michelle just got back from a European “business trip” she embarked on to promote her Let’s Move! campaign as well as female education. In reality, this was just an excuse to blow tax dollars on a European getaway as she spent hundreds of thousands of our money on expensive hotels in Britain and Italy.

Not even a week after returning home from this trip, Michelle has announced that she will be taking MORE vacations in order to promote her various agendas. As if she hasn’t already travelled enough, Michelle said on Monday that she will be traveling abroad even more to promote her campaign “Let Girls Learn.”

While speaking at an awards luncheon, Michelle said she would continue to urge countries to join her effort, and as soon as they do, “I’m going to hop on a plane and join them.”

“This is exactly the kind of work that I plan to do for my remaining time as first lady, and beyond,” Obama said at More Magazine’s Impact Awards luncheon, according to Daily Mail.

In essence, Michelle plans to step up her spending game in her remaining time as First Lady. Her one regret about the last six years is that she hasn’t spent enough of our tax dollars, she wants to spend more!

We can only hope that somebody stops Michelle before she puts us even further into debt…I don’t want my hard-earned tax dollars to go towards her vacations anymore!

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