Thursday, June 11, 2015

U.S. Airways has a major PR problem on their hands this week after one of their flight attendants refused to hang up the jacket of a war hero in uniform, citing policy that she could not do so because the veteran wasn’t flying in first class.

Seeing the flight attendant’s “relatively belligerent” behavior, fellow passengers quickly became outraged that a highly-decorated war hero with a chest full of medals was being treated this way.

It all started when 1st Sgt. Albert Marle, who was sitting in coach, politely asked a flight attendant if she could hang up his uniform jacket. According to Conservative Tribune, witnesses say that she replied to him in a harsh tone that this privilege was reserved for first class passengers only.

After witnessing the flight attendant’s rudeness, multiple first class passengers offered to switch seats with Marle, but the flight attendant would not let the switch happen. Finally, first class passenger Joel Dahlberg had had enough. He walked back to Marle, thanked him for his service, and asked the soldier if he could hang up his jacket for him.

He then took the uniform jacket back to first class and hung it up in a secure area.

“There’s a difference between a policy and doing what’s right,” Dahlberg later told reporters.

Marle has served multiple tours of duty, and his variety of medals and ribbons show that he is not only a Ranger, but also a Pathfinder-qualified, Air Assault-qualified, Special Forces trained and currently serving in an airborne unit. We’re sorry that he had to deal with disrespect from a rude flight attendant, but we’re glad his fellow passengers came to his aid to thank him for his service!

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