Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fox News revealed today that it has let go of Bob Beckel, the former co-host of The Five.

The network told Mediaite that the split was “amicable.”

Beckel was known for his liberal views. He had been off the air since February because he had undergone back surgery. After the surgery, he reportedly entered rehab for an addition to prescription pills.

Mediate reported:

Beckel had been with Fox News since first signing a contributor contract in 2000, and then officially joining as a regular co-host of The Five in July 2011. Most of his non-hosting appearances occurred as a panelist on Hannity or as the “Democratic strategist” half of panel discussions during Fox’s daytime news broadcasts.

While often representing the lone “liberal” voice at the desk, Beckel has stirred up his fair share of controversy: When he called for an end to visas for students from Muslim countries following the Boston Marathon bombings; when he referred to “the Chinamen” as the “single biggest threat” to United States security; and when he repeatedly cursed at or gave the middle finger to his co-hosts on live television.

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