Monday, June 29, 2015

Tyler Thompson is a commercial fisherman in Alaska who knew he wanted to make a change that would make his life more adventurous and exciting. That’s why he decided to remodel his Toyota Tacoma truck so that he could live in it during his various outdoor excursions.

According to American Overlook, Thompson managed to change his truck bed into both a storage space and a place to sleep.

“My background in building is relatively limited,” the fisherman said. “I took one quarter of wood shop and a few quarters of welding in high school, but other than that I have just been tinkering and building things all my life. I am going to school for industrial design, and have always had a knack for designing and inventing.”



First, he framed the truck bed so that he could create the storage system. He used skateboard ball to create the sliding shelves, resulting in a shelf that could slide in and out of the truck.



Thompson also installed a secret storage compartment, an LED light and even some speakers, which could be controlled with a switch from the drivers seat. In no time, he was ready to pack up and head off on all his adventures!


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