Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer is here, so now is the perfect time for backyard cookouts to create memories with your friends and family that none of you will forget!

This video will show you how to make a fire pit in your backyard in a quick and easy way. All you need is two $5 plastic containers from Walmart and some cement.

In the video, the man sprays the inside of the big bowl and the outside of the small bowl with Pam before coating them with oil. He then pours some quick-setting cement into the clean bowl and adds some fresh water.

The man then mixes it with margin trowel and pours the cement into the big bowl. He presses it down on the smaller bowl and the cement rises between the two containers.

He runs a sander along the outside of the bowl to get rid of air bubbles, and then pulls out the small bowl, shaping the drying cement.

After a few hours, he flips it over and the bowl comes right out. After he sands it down, adds gel to the cement, and surrounds it with lava granules, this fire pit is good to go!

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