Monday, June 8, 2015

In today’s struggling economy (thanks, Obama!), we’re all trying to save money wherever we can. This video will show you seen hacks that will help you save money on household expenses.

  1. If you like to get the meats on sale at your grocery store, you might get stuck with a bunch of uneaten steak that is about to spoil. In this simple trick put the meat into a freezer bag, fill up your sink with some water, then use the water pressure to create a vacuum seal. No fancy tools required.
  2. Did your remote die in your TV remote or some other small electronic? Instead of going to find new batteries, use just one good battery and put a screw or bolt in the other slot to complete the circuit.
  3. This next tip will help you save a lot of money on your water bill. Just fill a 1-liter bottle with water and put it into your toilet tank. Now every time you flush, you’ll be flushing one less liter of water which can save the average household about 30-gallons of water. That adds up!
  4. If the price of internet is killing you, this trick can help you cut your internet bill in half. Team up with your neighbor and agree to share the service. Just share your Wi-Fi password and get them to cancel their service and you’ll both be saving money every month.
  5. Sometimes your clothes get a little smelly. Instead of spending $5 on some Frebreeze, grab yourself a small spray bottle. Add in about 1 cup of warm water and then pour in a teaspoon of baking soda. Then add one tablespoon of fabric softener and shake up the bottle until it is well mixed.
  6. While saving money on cleaning supplies, this tip will be great for a household cleaner. Get another spray bottle, add two teaspoons of baking soda, and then add one teaspoon of dish soap. Activate the ingredients with vinegar and top it off with warm water. Shake it up and you’re ready to clean your cutting boards and other spaces.
  7. This next trick can save up to 40% on electricity costs. By using LED lightbulbs, you’ll be saving a lot on utility bills. Although they cost more initially, they’ll drastically lower your costs over the long term.

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