Friday, June 12, 2015

A disturbing new fad is taking the feminist world by storm, and it’s totally disgusting.

Women around the world are now growing their armpit hair in the name of feminism, and celebrities like Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna are joining the “fight.”

It all started with a Chinese photo contest that invited women to stand up for equality by showing off their armpit hair. Feminist activist Xiao Meili started the contest on the Chinese blogging site Weibo with the hashtag #WomensArmpitHairCompetition and the invitation to show off, “characteristic, beautiful and confident” pictures of women with hair under their arms.

“The first place winner receives 100 condoms, second place gets a vibrator and the lucky third place winner gets 10 female urination devices,” Shanghaist reported.


Xiao defended her contest, saying that shaving under the arms is a recent phenomenon which was inspired by the west.

“For my mother’s generation, a woman not shaving her armpits is totally natural,” she said before asking, “Women’s armpit hair is considered to be offensive, rude and ungraceful — how come it makes people so uncomfortable?”

“Some people question why I make a fuss about the hair,” Xiao continued in another interview. “They say there are more important issues that need to be solved like domestic violence and sexual assault. I think they are equally important. They’re all about fighting for gender equality.”

This movement is spreading quickly, so if a proud feminists lifts up her arms in front of you, be sure to avert your eyes!

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