Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Michelle Obama has devoted almost the entirety of her six years as first lady to putting an end to childhood obesity with a series of ridiculous rules. Michelle’s initiatives have all been part of her “Let’s Move” campaign, and they’ve included her controversial school lunch plan.

Michelle is currently scrambling to cover up a new report that reveals that Michelle’s initiatives have categorically failed, and American obesity has steadily increased since her husband took office.

In 2008, studies showed that 25.1% of Americans were obese. 2014 research showed that 27.7% of Americans were obese that year, up steadily from 27.1% the year before.

“There are proven, effective interventions for helping people lose weight and sustain their weight loss,” says Janet Calhoun, senior vice president at Healthways, the company which conducted the study. “For maximum impact, interventions need to go beyond addressing eating habits and physical activity, and include the emotional and social aspects of well-being…[to achieve] long-lasting behavior change.”

This shows once and for all that Michelle’s initiatives are completely useless. Michelle has been trying to get Americans to lose weight for years, yet all she’s accomplished is making them even MORE obese. It’s time to get this woman out of the White House, and give somebody else a shot!

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