Monday, June 8, 2015

The fourth of July is coming up, and instead of focusing on American patriotism, Obama and his minions are trying to make sure that no Muslims feel “offended” during the celebrations.

According to Conservative Tribune, the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia held their July 4 celebration one month early, on June 4. Robert O. Blake, the U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia, told the press that this was done out of respect for the Muslim holiday Ramadan, which runs from June 17-July 17.

The festivities at the embassy included singing both the American national anthem AND the Indonesian national anthem, just in case any local Muslims felt uncomfortable!

Embassies in foreign nations should of course be respectful of local culture, but this is just ridiculous. Americans who are at the Indonesian embassy should be allowed to celebrate July 4 on the same date as everyone else does, and they should be allowed to celebrate however they please.

This is yet another example of Obama submitting to the Muslim agenda. If July 4 conflicted with Christmas, you can be sure that Obama would not change anything to make Christians feel more comfortable.

Sheesh, 2016 can’t come quick enough!

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