Friday, June 19, 2015

President Obama has shown over and over again that he has a strong anti-Christian agenda. Time and time again he has tried to use his government to pull Americans away from Christianity and push them into other religions like Islam.

Last year, Obama issued an executive order which amended one from President Lyndon B. Johnson that dealt with non-discrimination practices made by federal contractors. According to the Conservative Tribune, Obama amended it to include protections for “sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Now, Obama is preparing to broaden this order even more to include not only those who receive federal contracts, but also those who receive federal grants, even if the grant recipient is a faith-based organization.

Through this order, Obama is trying to force faith-based organizations that rely on federal grant money to accept applications from the LGBTQ community, regardless of their religious objections.

During his presidency, Bush added a provision to Johnson’s order that gave a religious-exemption to faith-based groups so that they wouldn’t be forced to hire people opposed to their own teachings, beliefs, and practices.

Obama, however, has no respect for anyone’s beliefs. Sources say that his administration is now putting an enormous amount of pressure on all government agencies to change their policies regarding grant recipients to reflect Obama’s changes.

The Christian community has been caught off guard by Obama’s latest order, and they don’t know how to fight back. The Catholic church has been hit particularly hard by it, and may be forced to submit and hire individuals who directly go against everything they believe in.

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