Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Throughout their six years in office, the Obamas have become infamous for spending American tax dollars on their own lavish lifestyles, but this is unprecedented even from them…

Apparently, Barack Obama is sick and tired of jetting off on his multi-million dollar vacations on Air Force One, which clearly doesn’t meet his standards of luxury. To fix this, Obama has bought a brand new Boeing 747-8 to become the new Air Force One, and it will cost American taxpayers a whopping $367 million.

With 4,786 square feet of leg room, the Boeing 747-8 is both the largest and the second-longest airplane ever built. The plane is equipped with a stateroom, office, conference room and dining room, among other things.

According to Conservative Tribune, the plane can fly 8,000 nautical miles without stopping. All the aesthetic details of the aircraft, which include the leather interior and cabinetry, were custom-designed to the president’s high standards.

Unfortunately, the $367 million is only the beginning of the money that will be spent on this airplane. Once the sale is completed, millions more will need to be spent on it to make it a flying-version of the White House.

Meanwhile, the liberal New York Times recently ran a story in which they slammed GOP candidate Marco Rubio for buying an $80,000 boat with his own money. Maybe the left should focus on their own politicians’ spending habits before they come after ours!

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