Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It’s no secret that President Obama prefers foreign Muslims to American soldiers, but this is just ridiculous.

Obama’s Pentagon just issued a series of orders to U.S. troops serving overseas that prohibits them from eating and drinking during the day over Ramadan, the Muslim holiday which runs from mid-June to mid-July. During this holiday, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

Now, American troops will be forced to fast as well, so that no Muslims will be “offended.”

“Members should be respectful of local customs and be patient with host nation personnel,” said Capt. Dan Sickles, host nation officer in-charge. “Ramadan is a countrywide religious celebration. Members should not make light of local customs and should also expect that during daylight hours host nation customer service will be abbreviated and less accommodating.”


According to, any soldier who is caught eating or drinking during the day will face a fine of up to $685 and up to two months in jail.

“The commander’s policy dictates that airmen will adhere to local law, which prohibits eating, drinking or tobacco use off base in public,” Sickles continued, according to Political Insider.

It’s sick that Obama is imposing Shariah law on the men and women who are risking their lives to protect us from radical Muslims. This is low, even for Obama!

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