Friday, June 19, 2015

It’s been a rough week for Rachel Dolezal…

Ever since being outed as a white woman posing as black last week, the life Dolezal had created for herself has come crumbling down. On Monday, she resigned from her position as president of Spokane, Washington’s NAACP chapter supposedly by choice. However, it is likely she was pressured to resign by her livid peers.

After that, provocative photos of Dolezal were leaked to the press, and it was also revealed that she had made a sex tape with her ex-husband a decade ago.

The one thing Dolezal still had was her position on the city of Spokane’s police oversight board. Despite calls for her to resign, Dolezal steadfastly refused and remained defiant.

“I will not resign. I have done nothing wrong and neither has Adrian Dominguez or Kevin Berkompass,” Dolezal said in a statement Wednesday, referring to two of her fellow commissioners. According to The Hill, she added that both she and her fellow commissioners had “double-checked our actions with legal counsel,” before noting that it was an unpaid position.

“The work is tough, and certainly there is a degree of expected push-back from the institution, but the level of harassment and sabotage by city government is completely undeserved and inappropriate,” she continued, according to NBC.

Unfortunately for Dolezal, the police oversight board did not quite agree with her. On Thursday, the Spokane City Council decided to remove Dolezal from the board in a unanimous vote. Before the vote, she was accused of revealing confidential information she had learned in her position, and of creating a “hostile work environment.”

It looks like Dolezal might need to hang up her race-baiting shoes. She can whine as much as she wants, but she has no power now!

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