Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Rachel Dolezal story keeps getting more and more complicated…

After the former president of the Spokane, Washing NAACP chapter was outed for being white last week, provocative photos of her were released. Now, it has been revealed that was also in a sex tape which she was forced to perform in by her husband at the time.

Dolezal, 37, accused her ex-husband Kevin Moore of forcing her to participate in a homemade sex tape in which he made her perform “sexual acts” on camera. The claim was made during a vicious custody battle over the couple’s young son, Franklin.


Dolezal married Moore, a physical therapist, in March of 2000. Five years later, however, the marriage ended in a bitter divorce, with Dolezal claiming that she suffered “years’ of ‘physical, emotional, sexual and verbal abuse” at the hands of Moore.

Moore has denied all the accusations against him.

Evidence Dolezal gave in court referred to “video tape made at the request of the defendant which required the plaintiff to participate in sexual acts with the defendant on tape against the plaintiff’s desires.” She also claimed to have suffered “pushing, hair pulling and forcible restraint” during the marriage.


Dolezal told the court that Moore was a danger to their young son, and when Franklin came home from a visit to his father’s house with a bruise on his face in 2005, she immediately called the police. Moore swore that the young boy had simply fallen, and the judge believed him. When the divorce was finalized, Dolezal and Moore were given joint custody of Franklin, who is now 13.

While Dolezal has tried to portray Moore as an abusive husband, friends describe him as a proud Christian who was disturbed by his wife’s “wild accusations.”

“Rachel, you may not believe in God but that does not mean that he does not exist,” he wrote to his ex-wife in an email that was included in court documents. “God has seen everything you have done and He continues to watch.”

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