Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On Wednesday, Fox News announced that they have parted ways with Sarah Palin.

According to Daily Mail, a Fox Spokesman revealed that the network had “amicably” parted ways with Palin on June 1, when they decided not to renew her million dollar contract.

Palin, 51, joined Fox in 2010 but left three years later after the network’s chief Roger Ailes became angry at her for announcing her non-candidacy for president in 2012 with another media outlet. Months later, however, Palin was back with Fox when she signed a $1 million a year deal to be a contributor with them.

Though she was believed to be the highest-paid contributor at Fox, her appearances had dwindled over the last few years as she became infamous for her outlandish statements and controversial opinions.

Back in 2011, Palin came under fire for somehow linking the death of Amy Winehouse to U.S. soldiers.

“I don’t think we should be lamenting Amy Winehouse,” Palin said at the time. “She was lead astray by satanic forces to do drugs and be promiscuous.”

“I think she ultimately got what she was asking for,” the former Vice Presidential hopeful added. “I think, instead, we should be lamenting our fallen soldiers who fought for freedom to save our country from Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration and Sharia Law.”

Palin also drew criticism for slamming the liberal mainstream media every chance she got.

“A few years back there was big hoo-haa over Harry Potter,” she said in 2011. “I never paid attention to it… because I was never a fan of that show… or movies… are they movies? Anyway, some were saying it’s anti-Christian. But who’s to judge?”

“Our liberal media can’t be trusted with their reviews anyway,” Palin continued. “They bash a film like The Passion of the Christ but praise… I don’t know… movies which may be perceived as anti-American.”

Do you think Fox made the right decision in parting ways with Palin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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