Thursday, June 11, 2015

A British woman woke up with a strange mark on her leg which she thought was a blister from a ringworm, but it actually turned out to be something much worse.

Carelle Mowatt did not want to go to the doctor, so she kept insisting that it was “only a blister” and treated herself with antihistamines to try and make it go away. Unfortunately, it just kept getting bigger, and when it finally popped, Mowatt knew it was time to go to the doctor.

“The next day, I plucked up the courage to see a doctor, who told me it looked like a spider bite and was infected,” she said, adding that she was stunned by the diagnosis, but “started a course of antibiotics and had it bandaged every day.”


The pain was unbearable, and since Mowatt associated her bed with the spider bite, she couldn’t sleep due to fears that the spider would attack again. Two weeks later, her pain got even worse and she went to the emergency room.

“We put my pain down to a bad allergic reaction to a regular house spider bite,” Mowatt recounted. She was then taken out of work and given stronger antibiotics and morphine, but things didn’t get better.


“I had an actual hole in the side of my leg,” Mowatt explained, a month after her antibiotic and morphine cocktail. “The bite had become necrotic. This is when your body can’t recover from a trauma, when there is inadequate blood supply and the cells have totally died.”

It was then that her dermatologist had to scrape the dead tissue away, a process that is excruciatingly painful.

“I had five people pinning me down,” she said. “Unfortunately, the necrotic tissue was firmly glued to my leg. I was facing surgery.”


Luckily, a specialist of spider bites did not agree that she needed surgery. He believed her wound was healing and that surgery would only hamper her progress. After a week, Mowatt was finally able to let the wound air out.

Afterwards, doctors determined that due to the “ferocity of her necrosis, it was likely the result of a bite by a venomous spider.” Thankfully, Mowatt has since made a full recovery.

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