Thursday, June 11, 2015

On December 14, 2012, the nation was stunned when a gunman barged into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, killing six adults, and 20 young children.

Since then, the liberal left has used this massacre as an excuse to attack the Second Amendment, and try to have guns banned forever.

However, a series of strange evidence has called the validity of the entire massacre into question.

One such piece of evidence involves six-year-old Emilie Parker, who supposedly died during the massacre.  On December 14, just hours after Emilie’s death, a Facebook page for the Emilie Parker Fund was created to solicit donations for the family.


The next day, the official memorial page for Emilie was created.


If your six year-old daughter had been gunned down, do you think you would be able to create a Facebook page the very next day with detailed information like this?

Instructions on the Emilie Parker Memorial Account at America First Credit Union (account #5001359). For AFCU members making a transfer, select the Savings as the type of account, and the last name on the account is Parker. For non AFCU members, the AFCU routing number is 324377516. This account has been shared by several Utah media outlets and can be trusted. Thank you.

A PAYPAL account is also available if you use the [email protected]

That email address belongs to Brooke Prothero, a resident of Ogden, Utah, the town where the Parkers lived before they moved to Utah.

On top of this, Emilie’s father was spotted behaving very strangely in the hours after her death. The day after the shooting, he was caught on camera laughing and joking. Why would he be acting this way if his daughter had just been shot?

When Obama came to Newtown on December 15, Emilie’s family was spotted laughing and smiling with the president – their daughter had been gunned down a day earlier.


One of the girls pictured with Obama bares a striking resemblance to Emily, and further resemblance reveals she is even wearing Emily’s dress.


It is very possible that the little girl is one of Emilie’s sisters; still, such a joyous photo shoot with the president seems like odd behavior for a family who had just lost a loved one the day prior.

Other strange incidents have called the validity of Sandy Hook into question.

A photo that surfaced earlier this year appears to show that the same person died in both the Sandy Hook massacre and the Boston bombing. The image on the left is a screenshot of a news story profiling Dawn Hochsprung, the principal killed during the Sandy Hook shooting. The image on the right, however, is a news story about a woman named Donna who died during the Boston marathon bombing.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 at 2.08.44 AM

Bizarrely enough, both women look exactly the same, suggesting that the government played some role in one of these incidents.

Similarly, last year a boy who supposedly died in the Sandy Hook shooting seemingly died AGAIN. An attack on a school in Pakistan last year left 132 people dead. Multiple photos and reports have stated that one of the victims of the attack was Noah Pozner, a 6 year-old who was supposedly killed in the Sandy Hook shooting.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 at 5.14.17 PM

Of course, there could be logical explanations for all of these strange occurrences. Still, the circumstances are odd.

No matter what, it is critical that we always stay vigilant and question everything the government tells us. The first step towards a dictatorship is creating a citizenry that blindly believes everything the government tells them.

What do you think about the bizarre set of circumstances that surround Sandy Hook? Let us know in the comments section…

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