Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Westboro Baptist Church was up to their old tricks recently when they tried to boycott the funeral of a fallen marine. However, they weren’t counting on a gang of patriotic bikers showing up.

Thugs from the Westboro Baptist Church showed up at the funeral of Corp. Richard Bennett, 25, after the young man died in a helicopter crash in Iraq. The protesters from that sorry excuse for a church believe that all of our soldiers deserve to die, and that God is punishing us all for our sins when he kills them.

Unfortunately for them, they picked the wrong funeral to protest.

The Patriot Guard is a group of hundreds of bikers, many of them veterans, who show up to military funerals around the country to ensure that military families can grieve in peace. Watch as they descend on this funeral, and give these protesters the wake up call that they need!

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