Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ever since the shooting in Charleston a few weeks ago, liberals have been on a mission to get the Confederate flag banned from as many places as they can.

Nevermind the fact that the Confederate flag had nothing to do with the shooting, these liberals just want action of some kind!

Sick of liberal hypocrisy, patriotic American Chuck Netzhammer decided to ask Walmart to bake a Confederate flag cake for him. When they refused, he was disheartened at first, but then he decided to put their convictions to the test.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.05.20 AM

One day later, Netzhammer called the same Walmart, located in Slidell, Louisiana, and asked them to bake a cake with the ISIS flag on it. This time, they happily obliged.

“Alright, Walmart, you’ve got some explaining to do,” Netzhammer said in his Youtube video, adding that ISIS “is beheading Christians, selling little girls into slavery and is currently a terrorist org at war with the United States — but you can’t buy the General Lee toy car …? It’s a damn shame.”

The video has since gone viral, leaving Walmart scrambling to apologize. Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove told the press that the “store made a mistake. The cake in the video should not have been made and we apologize.”

“We made the decision to stop selling confederate flag related items promoting the flag’s image. For that reason we did not make the cake,” Hargrove added, according to The Blaze. “[Netzhammer] brought in the other image of ISIS and really, what happened, was our associate didn’t recognize what that image was and what it meant or it wouldn’t have been made.”

This story exposes just how hypocritical and stupid liberals can be.

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