Tuesday, June 2, 2015

When a baby in China was born with an abnormally large stomach, her doctors immediately knew that they needed to operate.

Doctors performed a scan on the 6 pound baby girl and found a tumor measuring at 16 centimeters in diameter. To be safe, they waited until the baby was 8 days old to perform the operation. When they were finished, they were shocked that what they removed wasn’t really a tumor at all…

Much to the doctors’ disbelief, the “tumor” was actually the baby girl’s parasitic twin. A parasitic twin is defined as “an abnormality that occurs when twin embryos don’t fully separate from one another and one stops developing.” This phenomenon is extremely rare, and only occurs in one of every 500,000 births.


This isn’t the first time a “fetus in fetu” has happened in China. Earlier this year, a baby girl was porn “pregnant with twins” when two fetuses were found inside her.

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