Friday, June 19, 2015

In today’s cruel world, it’s easy to forget that there are still good people out there. This story, however, proves that there are indeed people out there who still do the right thing.

When a Florida homeless man, who calls himself “Joe,” inherited $12,000 from a dead relative, he was ecstatic. He immediately went to a Wells Fargo bank and withdrew $10,000, then went to buy some clothes.

After he went shopping, he went to the beach and left his bags at a bus stop. Unfortunately, he also left $9,500 in cash in the bags.

Luckily for Joe, two good Samaritans found the bags and handed them over to the police. The first one to find a back was John Harbett, a member of the volunteer beach patrol. He found an envelope containing $3,900 and instantly gave it to police.

Shortly after that, Deputy Ben Koos found a bag containing the remainder of the cash.

“We obviously put two and two together and everything was in one location for a total of $9,500,” Detective Mursell said, according to American Overlook.

Since Joe left a receipt in the bag, police were able to use surveillance footage from the stores to identify him. Once they knew what he looked like, they set out to find the homeless man.

“For a completely different reason, I was downtown in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and I looked over and he was standing there drinking a cup of coffee in front of me,” Mursell said. “He wasn’t sure about how to go about getting his property back.”

Joe was stunned that he got the money back, and was very thankful to both the police department and God for making this happen. He is now planning to use the money to move to Pennsylvania, where his family lives.

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