Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Baked potato is one of the most popular classic American foods, but what many don’t know is that there’s more than one way to bake a potato.

In this video, a chef will teach you how to turn a boring old potato into a unique and delicious snack.

You’ll need one potato per guest you are serving, and Yukon gold or russet potatoes each work for this recipe. According to American Overlook, you start by slicing off a thin piece along the long-side of the potato so that it can sit on it’s own on the baking sheet. Then, cut 20 slivers about a ¼ inch deep into the potato and brush it with butter and oil.

Once you’ve done this, bake the potatoes for 30 minutes at 475 degrees Fahrenheit. When they’re finished, brush it with more butter and oil and bake it for another 45 minutes.

The result is a crispy baked potato that your whole family is guaranteed to enjoy!


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