Friday, June 26, 2015

If you aren’t careful about passing people, one-lane highways can be a major safety hazard. Samsung is trying to fix this with a new piece of technology that would ensure that you will always be able to see when it is safe to pass.

According to American Overlook, Samsung is putting massive video walls on the back of their shipping trucks. The company was reportedly inspired to do so by Argentina, a country where tons of accidents happen on one-lane highways.


These trucks combine a front-facing camera with a full screen in the back that shows the drivers behind the truck when it is safe to pass. While the technology is impressive, the issue with it is that it hasn’t been tested very much, except for a single trial that ended with the test model being put out of commission.


While we applaud Samsung for developing this technology, but it seems like they have a little more work to do before they put this on the roads!

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