Monday, June 15, 2015

Social media sites have made it nearly impossible to hide secrets from people, as our entire history is now documented online for the world to see. A British man recently learned this the hard way when his wife discovered his dark secret through a Facebook post.

Amanda Taleb met her husband Baburam Rai, a member of the Royal Gurkha Rifles regiment in the British army, when he was stationed near her in Britain. They remained happily married for ten years – until she made a horrifying discovery in her husband’s Facebook and emails.

At the seven year point of their marriage, Rai suddenly left for his home country of Nepal and disappeared for a few weeks. When he returned, he brought a young boy who he said was his son from a previous relationship.

Years later, while looking through her husband’s emails, Taleb found that he had posted advertisements which said he was “bored with his British wife” and that he was looking for “a nice young Nepalese woman.”

Taleb says that her findings left her devastated.

“I had no idea what to do. So I went on his Facebook and saw he was asking this man to persuade his sisters to sign divorce papers,” Taleb explained. “He denied he was married to anyone else, but I contacted the Army and it transpired he had two other wives.”

It turns out that Rai had two other wives in Nepal, and one of them was the mother of the boy he brought back to Britain. 51 year-old Taleb is now seeking an annulment thanks to what she found on Facebook.

“It was like a hammer blow,” she recounted. “I never knew he was a compulsive liar. After all these years I could have been happily married with someone else.”

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