Friday, June 26, 2015

15 year-old Kavita Kumari was rushed to a hospital in India after she reported that pain in her abdomen had become so severe that it had stopped her from eating.

Surgeons immediately prepared to operate on her, but nothing could have prepared them for what they found…

According to Daily Mail, it all started when Kumari’s parents noticed she had stopped eating, and that she would throw up any food they forced her to ingest. They kept her at home until they saw that her stomach was protruding, at which point they rushed her to the hospital. However, doctors sent her home with medicine, telling her the swelling would go down eventually.

Unfortunately, things only got worse from there. Kumari still could not eat, and her family began to fear that she would die. When they took her back to the doctor, surgeons finally discovered the problem, and it left everyone stunned.

Doctors Siddharth Multi Speciality Hospital and Research Centre in Uttar Pradesh gave Kumari a CT scan, which revealed that there was a large ball of hair inside her stomach and intestines.


It was later revealed that over the past year, Kumari had developed a compulsion for eating hair. In fact, she would not only eat her own hair, but any hair she could find, whether it was lying on the floor or was on someone’s head. She had ripped hair off the heads of her classmates, and even her own mother, to satisfy her need for hair.

During a two hour operation, doctors pulled a five foot hair ball out of Kumari’s stomach.

“I didn’t expect the hairball to be this big,” said Dr. Lal Bahadur Sidharth. “I had never seen such a case before.”


Kumari has since been diagnosed with trichotillomania, which is defined as a “psychological condition in which a person has an urge to pull hair.” In addition, she has been diagnosed with Rapunzel Syndrome, which is a more severe form of trichotillomania in which patients eat the hair they remove, often causing fear to their own bodies.

Despite all this, her parents are just grateful to doctors for saving their daughter’s life.

“I am so thankful to the doctors for saving her life,” they told the press.

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