Thursday, June 4, 2015

A 17 year-old boy in Pozuzo, Peru showed up to the Children’s Hospital in Lima with a swelling in his left eye. When doctors looked at the scan of the eye, they were stunned by what they found…

The doctors were stunned to find that the pain was being caused by the larvae of a worm living in the boy’s face. Instead of choosing to remove the worm via surgery, doctors came up with another idea to get rid of it, and many are calling this strategy bizarre.

Using a bunch of basil leaves, doctors managed to lure the worm out of the boy’s eye since he was attracted to the smell of the plants.

Graphic video footage shows ophthalmologist Carolina Marchena hold the leaves close to the boy’s tear ducts in an attempt to lure the worm out. Once it emerges a little bit, Marchena and her coworkers begin pulling it out with tweezers.

The worm, however, appears to be stuck, so they give it one last yank and it immediately comes out as the room descends into shrieks and giggles.

The worm was revealed to be 3 centimeters in length and half a centimeter wide. Afterwards, Marchena said she was pleased that her unorthodox strategy worked.

“We are astonished because it is unheard of to have been able to remove the larvae without any surgery,” she told the press.

The worm, which had been living in the boy’s face for a month, is believed to have been a mosquito of the “Dermatobia hominis” species. This species is also known as the human botfly, and this insect likely laid his larvae inside the teenager’s eye.

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