Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I’m usually skeptical about things like this, but this is far too accurate to be scoffed at…

This video will let you know what your birth month says about you: mine is October, and I think it describes me perfectly!

Here are all the descriptions, courtesy of American Overlook:

January babies are stubborn, strong-willed and ambitious to a fault. They are constantly studying other people, trying to learn and teach and improve those around them.

February babies are artistic and clever. Very intelligent and in touch with their personalities, they tend to be rebellious and free-thinking, sometimes aggressive but with a sensitive side inside.

March babies tend to be shy, with their real personalities hidden away. They are nice to almost everyone, seeking peace and serenity and harmony for all. Very trustworthy, at least until that trust is broken.

April babies are usually athletic, strong and hasty – always in a rush. They are attention-lovers and thrill-seekers, always searching for the next rush.

May babies usually end up on the attractive side while embracing their left brain more so than the right. They have incredible dreams both at night and for the future.

June babies are highly sensitive and polite. Very soft-spoken, people tend to listen when someone born in June speaks.

July babies are always fun to hang out with, usually on the fiery side. Full of wit and plenty of energy, they never slow down for anything or anyone.

August babies are always full of humor, but they have strong leadership qualities that inspire those around them. They are some of the most personable people on earth.

September babies are detail-oriented and quick to criticize. They are perfectionists that expect the same from the people in their company – this can lead to some tough interactions.

October babies are talkative and fun, full of beauty and always making friends wherever they go. Very independent and full of life, and  always looking at the bright side of things.

November babies are stubborn and secretive, but possess the ability for greatness when their interests are focused. Sharp-minded and self-motivated, they do not need or want help from anybody.

December babies are active and influential. Very fun to be around, they are naturally the center of attention in a room full of people. They take pride in themselves and others and dislike to be restricted by anything.

How accurate do you find this to be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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