Friday, July 24, 2015

Earlier this week, 22 year-old news anchor Tomi Lahren became a national sensation after a clip of her slamming President Obama for the way he handled the Chattanooga shooting went viral.

Days later, Lahren has gone viral again, and this time she’s taking on radical Islam directly.

“This whole viral thing started with one core frustration: failure to name our enemy,” Lahren began, according to Conservative Tribune. “I’m sick and tired of this administration candy coating what most Americans already know. What happened in Chattanooga, that was radical Islam at work. President Obama, why won’t you say it?”

Lahren then showed clips of Obama and the FBI saying that it’s “too early to say” whether the Chattanooga attack was an act of terror.

“So, the FBI admitted Mohammad Abdulazeez was a homegrown violent extremist. Okay, true. But they are missing one key word: Oh, yes, that is Islam,” Lahren said. “We’ve seen the writings, even his family members said he was ‘different’ after his trip to Jordan. Oh, and not to mention the text message to a friend before the attack in Islamic verse.”

“Hmm. What group does that sound like? Ever heard of ISIS?” she continued. “Is their goal unclear to anyone? It’s a caliphate they want. But some folks here in the United States are rather shy. Yes, why would we want to conflate radical Islam with Islam? Because that would hurt feelings.”

She went on to say that while liberals claim that using the phrase “Muslim terrorists” makes you a bigot, she disagrees.

“This is not about hate, not at all,” Lahren concluded. “I don’t hate anyone. This is about love of country. That’s it.”

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