Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A nanny in Israel has been arrested after disturbing hidden camera footage showed her abusing two baby girls who were in her care.

According to Conservative Tribune, the parents set up the cameras after noticing mysterious scratches and bruises on their children. They were stunned when they watched the footage and saw their nanny, who has been identified as Rachel Levy, abusing the children on 30 different occasions. Levy was shown repeatedly shaking the children and pulling on their arms in the videos.

In Israel, the names of accused people in crimes like this are rarely released, but the judge decided to make an exception for this case.

“A public trial and free expression prevail over the weak argument of due process protection and therefore I decided to accept the request of the parents to publish the graphic video,” Judge Ziad Falah told the press.

The parents also fought for the video to be released so that other parents in their situation will have the strength to come forward. You can watch the disturbing video here.

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