Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This video shows a bully get exactly what’s coming to him after he picks a fight with the wrong guy.

The footage opens with the bully approaching a vehicle that is driving away, demanding that the young man get out and fight as he yells racial taunts at him. The “victim” eventually gets out of the car and warns the bully to back off, but the bully ignores him. Instead, he takes off his shirt and throws a punch.

The “victim” responds by knocking the bully out with a single punch to the face, bringing the fight to an abrupt end.

Friends of both parties can be heard screaming in shock at what has occurred, and the girlfriend of the bully quickly slaps the victim and throws herself over her boyfriend’s limp body to protect him.

It’s safe to say this bully’s street cred is gone forever…

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