Wednesday, July 29, 2015

John loved his wife Jennifer and their two kids, but was getting bored with his routine life. He couldn’t help but daydream about his life back when he was single — it was so much more adventurous and unpredictable.

Although John had never been a cheater, these thoughts slowly took over. He had heard about the website called Ashley Madison, where married individuals could go to find secret flings and affairs with other married people. Even though he felt uneasy about it, he made a profile. He declined to upload a profile picture, for fear that someone in his community would recognize him and tell his wife.

He started looking through profiles of women, and couldn’t believe the variety! “This will be fun,” he thought to himself.

John started conversations with a few women, but they didn’t go anywhere. Most often, he could tell that their personalities wouldn’t be great fits.

But one afternoon, a mysterious woman with the name of “Love Bird 22” started chatting with him. They joked about how they both had decided not to put up a profile picture so that their significant others wouldn’t find out what they were doing.

The more that John chatted with Love Bird 22, the more he wanted to meet her. Love Bird 22 gave John an excitement that he hadn’t felt in a long time; every day, he couldn’t wait to get home from work so that he could secretly log onto Ashley Madison and chat with the woman. They had so much in common, it was almost eerie.

After a week of chatting, the pair decided to meet at a local coffee house. John knew what he was doing was wrong — he knew his wife would kill him — but he couldn’t help but go meet Love Bird 22. He had to meet this woman.

He arrived at the coffee house — he was running about 10 minutes late. Love Bird 22 had told him she would be sitting in the front wearing a blue sweater.

When he walked inside, he immediately saw the woman in the blue sweater… and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

It was his wife, JENNIFER! How could this be?!

The two locked eyes, and in an instant, they knew what had happened. Both dissatisfied with their marriage, they had sought excitement, a fling, on Ashley Madison. And somehow, the only person that they connected with was each other.

Despite any feelings they each may have had, in that very moment in the coffee house, Jennifer and John couldn’t help but look at each other and laugh. They embraced each other for several minutes.

The couple realized that perhaps what they were looking for was right there the whole time. They just hand’t been appreciating it.

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