Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last week, the nation was stunned when a Muslim extremist barged onto a Chattanooga, Tennessee military base and opened fire. Four marines and one Navy man were killed.

In a truly sickening betrayal, Obama responded to the attack by offering Muslims an encouraging message about Ramadan. Despite the fact that ISIS has taken responsibility for the terrorist attack, Obama has yet to call them out for it.

Unlike President Obama, millions of patriotic Americans rallied around the five victims of this horrific act of terror. One particularly touching tribute to them was an emblem that was put up on the popular military Facebook page “Locked and Loaded.” According to Conservative Tribune, the emblem consisted of a U.S. Marine Corps logo with a black ribbon over it that simply said “in remembrance.”

What happened next will make you sick.

According to the page’s creator, Jason Light, Facebook sent him a message saying the emblem was in “violation of community standards.” They then unpublished the “Locked and Loaded” page with no explanation, leaving tens of thousands of users confused as to what had happened.

“I am just speechless as to how this violates community standards,” Light lamented, clearly baffled by Facebook’s decision. Facebook later let the page’s administrators know that they will have one chance to appeal the decision. Should their appeal be denied, the page will be gone forever.

Facebook also suggested that the “offending comment” be removed before the page submits their appeal. Light told the press that he refuses to submit to Facebook by submitting an appeal, and that he instead plans to start another page altogether.

It’s sickening that Facebook is following Obama in disrespecting the military victims of Chattanooga. They should be ashamed of themselves!


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