Thursday, July 30, 2015

The FDA has been forced to ban a certain crop that was being imported from Mexico because workers were caught doing something disgusting in the fields.

An immediate ban was placed on the import of cilantro from Puebla, Mexico after a report revealed that Mexican workers have been defecating in the fields. According to Mad World News, the FDA “identified annually recurring outbreaks (in 2012, 2013, and 2014) of cyclosporiasis in the United States which have been associated with fresh cilantro from the state of Puebla, Mexico.”

Cyclosporiasis is a parasite that most commonly gets into the human body through consumption. Symptoms of the condition include “watery diarrhea,” loss of appetite, and severe weight loss. In drastic cases, it can cause vomiting and fever. According to the CDC, “infected people shed unsporulated (non-infective; immature) Cyclospora cayetanensis oocysts in their stool.”

In other words, it is spread from fecal matter. Yes, that means Mexican workers were pooping in the crops. The FDA reported:

“Conditions observed at multiple such firms in the state of Puebla included human feces and toilet paper found in growing fields and around facilities; inadequately maintained and supplied toilet and hand washing facilities (no soap, no toilet paper, no running water, no paper towels) or a complete lack of toilet and hand washing facilities; food-contact surfaces (such as plastic crates used to transport cilantro or tables where cilantro was cut and bundled) visibly dirty and not washed; and water used for purposes such as washing cilantro vulnerable to contamination from sewage/septic systems.”

Well, there goes my appetite!

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