Thursday, July 30, 2015

Liberals have caused a social media firestorm this week in response to the death of Cecil, a lion in Zimbabwe who was shot dead by a big game hunter, Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer.

Palmer killed Cecil earlier this month while on a hunting trip in Africa, and after the news broke this week, he has been flooded with death threats and been forced to close down his dental practice.

Liberals are citing the people of Zimbabwe in justifying their outrage, saying that Cecil was something of a national icon. However, new reports reveal that the people of Zimbabwe don’t care about Cecil at all: they have bigger things to worry about.

“What lion?” acting Information Minister Prisca Mupfumira responded when he was asked about the killing. According to Conservative Tribune, Zimbabwe natives have expressed shock that American liberals have become so angry over this insignificant incident.

“Are you saying that all this noise is about a dead lion? Lions are killed all the time in this country,” said Tryphina Kaseke, a used-clothes hawker on the streets of Harare. “What is so special about this one?”

In reality, most people in Zimbabwe rely on big game hunters like Palmer to drive their economy. There is an 80% unemployment rate in the African nation, so business from a wealthy traveler like him is very much appreciated. The dentist paid $50,000 to hunt the lion.

“Why are the Americans more concerned than us?” said Joseph Mabuwa, a 33-year-old father of two. “We never hear them speak out when villagers are killed by lions and elephants in Hwange.”

Lions are viewed as dangerous animals by the local populations, so their deaths are typically celebrated. The meat is also used by local tribes and villages, as the law requires that it be given to them.

Animal rights activists are trying to cover up this story, but we need to share it so the world knows the TRUTH! Leave Dr. Palmer alone, liberals, and move on to the next story that “offends” you!

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