Monday, July 20, 2015

It’s no secret that Obama and his race-baiting minions have taken over this country, but this is just ridiculous.

In this video, proud conservative Mark Dice takes to the streets to see if liberals will sign a petition demanding that a 1% income tax be placed on all white Americans to “even out the playing field.” The results Dice got are downright disturbing…

“We’re gonna take the silver spoon out of the white people’s mouths and put it back into yours,” Dice told an African American man who then eagerly signed the petition.

“You’re the kind of white dude I like, thank you…white dudes that promote this kind of stuff are aware of the white privilege,” the liberal man told Dice, according to Infowars. “Honestly, that’s awesome!”

Sadly, a tax like this could easily be put in place if we allow race-baiters to remain in power. This is yet another reason why we need to get Obama out of office NOW!

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