Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Michelle Obama is known for taking food away from Americans, but this time she went way too far.

According to Conservative Tribune, members of the Navy were shocked and horrified recently when they were told a food ban is coming to them, thanks to Michelle Obama’s “healthy” food agenda. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has just announced that soon, foods like fried chicken, french fries and other fried foods that are typically served to calorie-burning sailors will be banned from their menu.

The backlash against this decision has been swift, with many Navy sailors taking to Facebook to blame Michelle for the decision.

“Is Michelle Obama now playing big sister to the military hotline?” one veteran wrote.

“First the kids, now the troops,” another said.

“How did Michelle Obama get into our galleys? That’s what workouts are for,” said sailor Vic Tegio.

It’s bad enough that Michelle Obama tells regular Americans what they can and cannot eat, but going after members of the military is completely uncalled for. The men and women in the U.S. Navy are risking their lives for us on a daily basis: they should be allowed to eat whatever they want.

Unfortunately, Michelle is so power-hungry that she doesn’t care about their service to our country. Instead, she wants to boss them around like she does with everyone else.

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