Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Miss USA pageant finally aired this past Sunday night after several weeks of controversy surrounding Donald Trump.

It all started when Trump slammed Mexico when he announced his candidacy for president at the end of June. In his speech, Trump slammed the U.S.’s relationship with Mexico, saying it has become a huge problem. He also said that too many criminals are coming into this country illegally from Mexico, and called many of them “rapists.”

Outraged by his comments, the Spanish-language television station Univision immediately announced that they would not be broadcasting Trump’s Miss Universe pageant this summer. Days later, NBC followed suit by ending their relationship with Trump, which they had built for over a decade.

After the backlash, the hosts of the Miss USA competition both abruptly quit, leaving the pageant without a host. Mexico also dropped out of the Miss Universe pageant as a boycott of Trump and his comments.

Luckily, the Miss USA pageant was picked up by the channel Reelz, and two new hosts were found for the show.

On Sunday, Miss Oklahoma Olivia Jordan was crowned the new Miss USA. When she made the rounds of the talk shows the next day, it would have been easy for her to join the liberal lynch mob by slamming Trump.

Jordan, however, wasn’t about to take the easy way out.

“It was just a situation that Donald Trump is running for president,” Jordan said during an appearance on Fox & Friends, according to Mediaite. “Certainly we have a right to free speech. Everyone should share opinions and talk about hot topic issues. Immigration is certainly a hot topic issue. We were just working on having a great pageant.”

We applaud Jordan for not submitting to the liberal media, and standing up for what she believes in!

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