Monday, July 27, 2015

On Sunday, Obama ended his visit to Kenya by dropping a bombshell that left the entire world stunned.

Before leaving for Ethiopia, Obama gave a speech in which he proudly proclaimed himself to be “Kenyan American.”

According to the LA Times, Obama admitted that he has been avoiding returning to Kenya during his presidency because he didn’t want it to look like he was “playing favorites.” Now that he only has two years left in office, however, he doesn’t care what people think.

During the speech, Obama urged Kenya to make progress, saying the country is “at a crossroads” where they can either choose to move forward or bind themselves to harmful African traditions. He also talked about his own ancestors from Kenya, including his grandfather, who served as a cook for the British army when the country was under colonial rule. In addition, he talked about his father, Barack Obama Sr., whose career was cut short by government corruption and his own alcoholism.

“Ultimately, he found disappointment — in part because he couldn’t reconcile the ideas that he had for his young country with the hard realities that had confronted him,” Obama said of his father.

“And I think sometimes about what these stories tell us, what the history and the past tell us about the future,” Obama continued. “They show the enormous barriers to progress that so many Kenyans faced just one or two generations ago.”

This speech marks the first time the president has described himself as “Kenyan American,” and it has certainly raised the eyebrows of birthers who have always believed Obama was born in the African nation.

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