Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama has never had any respect for the military or the men and women serve our country. In fact, Obama appears to want to make our military as weak as possible, perhaps so that the Muslim nations of the world will have a better shot at beating us someday.

Obama moved closer to this goal this week, when his Defense Secretary called the Pentagon’s ban on transgender people serving in the military “outdated.”

“The Defense Department’s current regulations regarding transgender service members are outdated and are causing uncertainty that distracts commanders from our core missions,” Ash Carter said in a statement, according to Infowars. “At a time when our troops have learned from experience that the most important qualification for service members should be whether they’re able and willing to do their job, our officers and enlisted personnel are faced with certain rules that tell them the opposite.”

Carter added that his personnel undersecretary, Brad Carson, will be leading a working group to study the policy. This group will operate under the assumption that transgenders are capable of serving “without adverse impact on military effectiveness and readiness, unless and except where objective, practical impediments are identified.”

In addition, the group will also investigate the possibility of the U.S. government paying for the medical costs of gender reassignment surgeries.

The move to integrate transgenders into the military has lots of support among Democrats in congress. It is also supported by Obama’s Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel.

“I’m open to those assessments, because – again, I go back to the bottom line – every qualified American who wants to serve our country should have an opportunity if they fit the qualifications and can do it,” Hagel commented last May.

Do you think transgenders should be allowed to serve in the military? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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