Tuesday, July 14, 2015

When Obama announced that he would be visiting Kenya later this month, many assumed that he was making the trip to spend some personal time with his family there.

His Kenyan family, however, has just revealed that this is not the case at all.

According to Daily Mail, Obama has not even informed his family in Kenya that he will be making a visit to the country on July 24.

“From what I hear, he is coming now as the president of the United States,” said Obama’s half-brother Malik Abon’go Obama. “He should have at least informed us as his family.”

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While Obama’s itinerary has been kept secret and the Kenyan president has denied that he will be traveling to Kogelo during the visit, rumors have spread that he will indeed be heading there. This comes as a disappointment to 57 year-old Malik, who served as best man at Obama’s wedding to Michelle. Since then, however, Malik feels as though Obama has abandoned his family in Kenya.

“I would like for us to just sit down and have a vanilla ice cream or a strawberry fruit cake, just to have a nice dinner, nice steak, Caesar salad, sit down and enjoy each other,” Malik Obama said. “I really don’t know my nieces, Malia and Sasha and they don’t know my children either.”

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Obama first visited Africa as president in 2013, but he chose to travel to Senegal, Tanzenia, and South Africa instead of making a trip to Kenya. This was seen as a snub by both his family and the Kenyan media.

Obama’s 94 year-old step-grandmother, who lives near Malik, also spoke out against the president’s visit.

“Obama is coming as guest of the state and to see people of Kenya, not me,” she lamented.

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With even his own family turning against him, things aren’t looking good for Obama’s legacy.

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