Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When a Fox anchor in Dallas, Texas learned that a woman had stolen his identity to pay a $700 hotel bill with his credit card, he decided to take action.

According to Daily Mail, Steve Noviello of Fox 4 decided to track the woman down on camera after he received a possible fraud alert on his visa account. When he arrived at the Hilton hotel in the nearby town of Richardson, he confronted the alleged thief, who was quickly identified as Farah Parks.

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Seeing that Parks had used his credit card to book room 239, Noviello headed up there with his iPhone camera to ask her some questions. Parks ignored many of his questions, saying that she used a credit card with her name on it to pay for the room.

“I actually got it from someone else,” Parks said. The reporter responded by accusing Parks of printing out a card with her name on it, but with his account number. She also used the card at a local Walmart, and to rent a car.

When Noviello asked her how she can help other people avoid fraud, Parks replied, “I’ve just made some bad choices in my life. I’m aware of that and I apologize.”

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When the Fox reporter told her she had picked the wrong guy to mess with, she responded by saying, “I didn’t pick you.” She later declined a request for a jailhouse interview.

Noviello told the camera that he was “boiling mad on the inside, but I also understand this woman didn’t target me on purpose.”

“I’m sure she has a tough road ahead of her and doesn’t need me to belittle her on top of that,” he concluded.

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