Friday, July 10, 2015

If you’re a white American, you probably already know that Obama and his race-baiters are trying to make you feel as guilty as possible.

To Obama and his minions, anyone who is white is therefore racist, and they must be punished.

Knowing this, Ryan Koch from Des Moines, IA decided to launch a petition to expose just how ridiculously politically correct our culture has become. According to Political Insider, Koch’s petition demands that the restaurant chain Cracker Barrel change their name to Caucasian Barrel!

Koch wrote the following message on the petition’s website:

I say all of us European Americans start protesting C****er Barrel. It uses an offensive slur and it is deeply offensive and mocks our long and proud heritage.

The name is offensive, their logo stereotypes European Americans as people who sit on chairs and lean against what appears to be a bourbon barrel, claiming we are all a bunch of alcoholics. Sure, they’ll SAY it’s a “cracker” barrel but everyone knows crackers don’t come in barrels, they come in bags and boxes!

Change the name C****er Barrel to Caucasian Barrel. After all, white people should have something to be offended by, too!

While Koch’s petition is definitely silly, it does highlight the growing epidemic of political correctness in this country. The left is currently fighting for the Washington Redskins to change their name to something less “offensive,” and God only knows what they’ll target next…

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