Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Over the last few months, Muslims have been systematically taking over Europe as millions of them flee the Middle East.

In the German city of Pocking, the head teacher of a school recently sent a letter home warning parents that 200 Syrian refugees would be moving into a shelter located next to the school’s gymnasium. However, the letter didn’t address the threat of having 200 placed Muslims displaced by war living so close to hundreds of children…

Instead, the letter was meant to warn parents to not let their daughters wear anything “skimpy,” or anything that shows “any skin” while the Muslims are living near the school.

“The refugees are marked by their own culture. Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should be adhered to,” head teacher Martin Thalhammer wrote in the letter. “Revealing tops or blouses, short shorts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.”

According to Conservative Tribune, a local politician agreed with Thalhammer, saying that Muslim boys are “more comfortable” seeing women when they show no skin.

“If underage Muslim boys go to the pool, they are completely overwhelmed trying to see girls in bikinis,” the politician said. “The boys — in their culture bare skin of women is totally frowned upon.”

Soon after the letter went out, it was revealed that students at the school would be bussed to a nearby elementary school for their physical education classes so that the Muslims won’t be “offended.”

This disturbing trend of submitting to Muslims is not just taking over Europe: it’s also moving towards the U.S. Just this week, Obama ruled that all U.S. soldiers stationed overseas will be forced to fast during the month-long holiday of Ramadan so that no Muslims will be offended by them eating.

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