Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yesterday, we reported that conservative Hollywood actor Tom Selleck had found himself in hot water after he was accused of stealing water for his ranch during the California ranch.

Liberals are trying to vilify Selleck in the media, since he does not agree with their political views. Unfortunately for them, Selleck got some very good news on Thursday that proves his career will survive this setback.

The liberal newspaper New York Post ran a story today defending Selleck, saying that if his sex appeal can last him into his 70s, it can definitely get him through this crisis.


“Sir Tom Selleck is a fine American whose character and choices have never been called into question,” the Post wrote, with the author adding, “I adore him.”

Liberals are undoubtedly livid that the Post is ruining their smear campaign of Selleck, but the article could not be more right. Selleck WILL survive this scandal, as well as the unfair attempts of the mainstream media to ruin his career.

If Selleck were a liberal, the mainstream media probably wouldn’t be writing anything about this ridiculous lawsuit. However, since he is conservative, the mainstream media is willing to print anything that will slander his name.

Shame on you, mainstream media!

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