Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Last week, Donald Trump’s haters were stunned when he was named as the frontrunner in the GOP race. These poll results have forced everyone on all sides of the political spectrum to take Trump seriously as a presidential contender in 2016.

While many members of the GOP have shunned Trump for upsetting the status quo, his fellow candidate Ted Cruz is meeting with him today in New York City. Though neither campaign team has revealed what the two men are meeting about, it is likely because they are talking about immigration policies.


According to Daily Mail, Cruz has been the GOP’s strongest defender of Trump’s claims that Mexico is “sending” it’s worst criminals and rapists into this country illegally. Cruz has also praised Trump as a “terrific” candidate who always “speaks the truth.”

Trump, in turn, has responded with nothing but admiration for Cruz.

“I really respect him for saying what he did,” Trump said of Cruz defending him.

This alliance between Cruz and Trump could have a big impact on the rest of the race if one drops out and endorses the other.

Not all GOP candidates have the love for Trump that Cruz does, however. On Wednesday morning, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham appeared on the Today show to slam Trump, calling him a “wrecking ball” who may destroy the Republican party.


“He’s riding a wave of just outlandish behavior that … some people in the Republican Party like hearing,” Graham said. “I think the overwhelming majority of Republicans don’t like that rhetoric.”

“We live in the most complicated dangerous times in the world, and he’s a wrecking ball when it comes to policy,” he added. “And the way he’s engaged the public is hurting the Republican Party at a time when we have a chance to do better.”

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has called Trump’s comments about Mexico “extraordinarily ugly,” and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has dubbed them “offensive and inaccurate.”

We applaud Cruz for having the backbone to stand by Trump, despite the backlash from his own party.

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